【Breaking News】「Dreadnaught」Awaiting Orders!

❗❗Survivors are welcome to leave a message below❗❗

Walk the path of the righteous!

Dreadnaught is here to ensure no you can deter you from that path!

「Used For」:Fighter Enhancement

「Dreadnaught」:Enhances all attributes of the Fighter Units

Complete the set for event more bonuses

❗4 Items:20% Bonus Resistance for fighters against Shooters
❗6 Items:10% Bonus Fighter Damage! As well as unlocking the skill [Unyielding] when all units in the formation are fighters!

When Activated, upon the next march, a random row of fighters will be healed per turn!

Don’t sweat it! Fight it!

Note: All shown stats are still being tested and adjusted

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  1. I just lost 25k in diamonds i just spent money on packs then about an hour later i turned on the game and the diamonds were gone

      1. This game ripped me off for 25k diamonds i spend alot of money in this and i wont be now i may quit and 5 other peopke that spwnd are gonna leave with me ill post were i want

  2. This game just ripped me off, i had 25k diamonds and shut the game off when i turned it back on my diamonds were spent

  3. ببخشید من انگلیسیم خوب نیست تو بازی به من خیلی حمله می کند چطوری توان دفاعی خودمو بالا ببرم

    1. garison رو تقویت آپگرید کن
      اسکیلهای هیروهات رو آنلاک کن(might , resistance)
      البته بهترین راه اینه که به یک کلن قدرتمند عضو بشی که نتونن بهت حمله کنن

  4. I want one now!
    If only the way to get it wasn’t so complicated and expensive!
    Love the game!

  5. I am unable to use either chat options. As there’s no one to help with tech issues, I’m out of luck. I’m not going to start with the diamonds that just disappear.

  6. Seems interesting… How about a customer service feature next? We definitely give you guys enough $$ to have customer support like EVERY OTHER GAME.

  7. I am very disappointed from this game now!
    Recently I purchased the 2 Ramadan recruitment tickets but after dice I got 2 normal tickets hero!
    So I recommend don’t purchase the any advance recruitment tickets.

  8. Every time I try to build a part in the factory it says sorry an error occurred please try again later or leave a message………I tried again later, several times and still get same message. Not happy

  9. First fix the game, cant buy or earn lab vial, and what good are trees no benefits, at least provide food increase if near the food, ect….

  10. Крафт детали делаются на 100%,а потом пропадают!!!!!!где детали? У друга пропала коричневая,у меня фиолетовая!!!!! Верните детали!

  11. У меня не красятся улучшения..пишет что непредвиденная ошибка…

  12. Lvl20 building needed? A waaawy too much. And what for next in futire? In my opinion lvl 5 is max that it should be

  13. *Contacting customer service is pointless. They don’t care unless you deserve and make them give you a refund. Then they ban you from the game permanently.

  14. كيف ازيد من سرعه عربات الجيش عند الذهاب لمحاربة شخص . واجعلها سريعه دائمآ.؟

  15. Bu hesaba çok para harcadım ama hala turuncu kahramanları geliştiremiyorum turuncu kahraman çıkmıyor ve artık ben oyundan sığumaya başladım

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