[Breaking News] World Boss “The Adjudicator” Has Appeared

A brand new season of Doomsday Conquest is here! The wasteland is now tenser than ever! A War is brewing!

❗❗❗The Adjudicator ❗❗❗is awakening, and he will bring forth a reckoning with his unrelenting force and his unstoppable axe!

Survivors! Be Prepared!

❗❗❗Starting tomorrow, Zones with Doomsday Conquest enabled will encounter the Adjudicator in the world map.

Rally your allies, prepare for battle!

Defeating the boss will yield the following rewards:

  • Regeneration Serums
  • Honor
  • Virus Sample
  • Stones

Only I can Judge me! Be gone false Judge!

Aside from the basic rewards, all alliance members will receive an extra bonus!

Pick up a weapon! We’re fighting back!

#News #Doomsday Conquest #Boss # Adjudicator

  1. 该来的,迟早都会来,让我们好好面对吧!兄弟姐妹们,拼吧!为了明天,战吧!

  2. Where is the Access to all the heroes? Does anyone have the scientist or the alchemist?

  3. If I could only ever get a s1 or s2 been playing A year and lucky to get a destroys have only got 3 orange in a year

  4. Where is this new z boss…no1 in state 55 has seen yet… Is he spawned like a. Wendal or do. We have to get them like vora?

  5. ..big muscles, small head, tiny brain..
    ..with chains..

    ..this doesn’t look like a boss to me, if anything, it should just a plain slave..

  6. This new zombie is pointless not worth wasting time on it’s too easy as everyone here has 310 000 + marches the rewards are rubbish better off with the old Wendell at least there better rewards

  7. Hello, You can not implement the Romanian language as we are many Romanians and we do not all know English. Thank you in advance

  8. Porque é que eu não recebo recompensas do palhaco wendell e adjudicatário. … Também não recebo a fortaleza mais forte

  9. 该来的,迟早都会来,让我们好好面对吧!兄弟姐妹们,拼吧!为了明天,战吧!


  10. Level15 အကောင်သေး သရဲကိုသတ်တာ ကားလွတ်ထားပြီလေ ဘာလိုပျောက်သွားလဲ သရဲက အချိန်လဲ မပါပဲနဲ့ ‌ေ‌ေနေင်းထိုင်ရင် repair ကုန်တယ် ။

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