[News] Wasteland Gazette Phase one

⚠[Doomsday News] is now taking survivors revelation⚠

Any fun or awesome stuff happen in the wasteland can be submitted

If it is used in our News they will get a reward worth $99!

  • Acceptance time

Phase one will start from now to UTC+8 on November 7th at 23:59


  • Revelation Condition
  1. For now we only accept English, Simplified Chinese, and traditional Chinese
  2. The Content must be related to the “Last Shelter” game.


  • Revelation method
  1. The statement file must be edited in Word and output in .docx format.
  2. Multimedia files only accept JPG, PNG, MP4, AVI formats.
  3. Game ID and State

Need All three
Attach zip file to the e-mail with the Game ID and state number
Mail to im30_auth@im30.net


  • Precautions
  1. According to the information used, we will notify you through the in-game mail within 72 hours after the news is relevated. Please pay attention and reply in time.
  2. Any Picture or videos can not be posted in social media exp: FaceBook. Fraud and counterfeiters will be severely punish.
  3. The Information and the Character identity must be real
  4. No Sexual or violent information
  5. Those who give us the information must communicate closely with the editors. If the communication is interrupted due to their own factors, and the final result is not published, they will be deemed to waived their qualifications.
  6. [Doomsday News] has the right to distribute rewards, as well as the final interpretation of the event.



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  1. hi! i found a bug on youre game. everytime there is a zombie kill event like now the holoween carnival. at first im getting the broom when i killed the zombie. but when i used the attack and defense buff. i cant get any broom. i hope this issue will resolved and i think i deserve a reward for finding this bug.

  2. Must crush zombies.lol love the holloween broom/hats.enjoyinging the game.nees an in game alliance tracker to find our own alliance members

  3. I am really enjoying this app so far. There is a lot of different things to do, and many different ways to progress.

  4. There should be a timer shown on resource tiles to let you know When they will expire, and you should not lose any apc durability for marching to a tile that disappears before you arrive.

  5. Hi there. we love the game, but will like to know where to find what to do In Doomsday event. Thanks for your help.

  6. I love how zero balance jumps from alliance to alliance starts trouble attacking and goes and hides in a different alliance I think they are going too run out of places to hide soon

  7. Hi
    I change my avatar
    I already paid 3 times 70 INR in Indian currency

    Till now not updated my game

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