[News] Trick or treat 「Halloween」

The annual Halloween is here!
Survivors can experience the Halloween in game too

Activity one 「Dullahan’s Treasure」

Dullahan came out to look for his head as usual but he never finds it. But for the survivors this is a good news since there will be treasure everywhere he go

During the event, Log in every day to receive a treasure
The Treasure has all kind of good stuff, the material to change for candy, resources or speed-up items.

Attantion!The treasure chest only can be claimed in 24 hours, unable to claim the unclaimed treasure from yestoday.


Activity Two 「Halloween carnival」

The Witch is not that scary, they are just ugly and like to let us know that they are around.
That’s why if you see her on the wasteland it is normal.
If the survivor can get her broom than you can exchange good stuff with it!

During the event, Killing Lv1-15 Zombies will have chance to get witch’s broom.

Caution! The daily Drop of the broom is limit, each survivor can get up to 200 brooms a day.


The winner of the Select your hero activity

Thank you for participating in last week’s event
The below are the winners of the event, hope more people will join next time.
The more you join , the more activity we will have!

The Winners please pay attention to the mailbox, the reward will be automatically sent within 24hr.

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  1. I won thanks and happy Halloween to everyone 🎃🎃🎃👻👻👻🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️

  2. What a joke not very fair seems to be alot given to New states and big money players no suprise well done done make it fair will you no suprise to see state 12 missed out as well

  3. I do not win anything good luck
    Trick or ….. just kidding killer clown zombie will eat your brain in this post night

  4. Reason why you want to win someone put girls Rock and won another put ja really that’s a reason to win

  5. Mais alguém não está mais recebendo vassouras do evento? Mato zumbis e não ganho a recompensa

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  7. そんなことよりログイン画面で毎回むさいおっさんを眺めるのが辛いのでもっと露出の高い美人に変えて欲しい

  8. Why does the developers never post what all the Halloween resources we collect on what they actually gives us? Like pumpkin king, candy, hats…. We just suppose to use magic to figure it out?

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