[Guide] Alliance technology Efficient donation

A Successful survivor don’t need to chase time.

Now the new donation mode will lead survivors into a groundbreaking era!

Donation rule
1. The maximum number of donations is 25.
2. The daily donation cap is 72.
3. The time requires to Donate one time is 20 min.
4.Total contribution point earn from single donation 620 points.

Recommended process
1. 8 AM, Wakeup. Use all 25 donations, Proximally 8:20 Use up all 25 donation times.


2. 4 PM ,Work. 8 hour has been passed, donate 24 times to prevent reaching the max.

3. Midnight. Bedtime use all the remaining donation chances, wake up at 8 am and repeat.

By following the above process, you can donate work with your life to achieve the highest income!

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    1. Zone immigration Error
      Nickname:Reaper AOA
      State Number:533
      Date of error:2019-12-27
      Time of Error:03:00
      Detailed description:Thank you for your support:My base Reaper AOA is stuck in state 533. The migration list doesn’t have the state I need to get back to which is 819. I have a group there that I need to get back to and to leave this base will be a big lose of a money investment I have made to this game. Will you please just move my base to state 819. Put it anywhere in 819 I’ll work with it there. 533 am I don’t get along due to them bullying. Please help me please. Hope this doesn’t take another week for a reply. Also this is the third time I am reporting the issues and had zero reply for over a week or so. Thank you fro the help
      Screen shots:[image]

  1. Игра супер но есть один огромный минус с оранжевыми героями . . . . . . . . .

    1. Comment vous voulez qu on lisent vos indications alors que vous êtes pas foutu de traduire. Merci de penser aux français

  2. We do have lives outside this game. It is obvious this is a con to get us to pay for diamonds.

  3. I’m about to delete this game. Now there getting extra greedy and taking the fun out the game. Waiting hours and days to build sucks enough.

  4. This game is going to shit you are ruining it this was the same reason I quit playing mobile strike

  5. I agree on the sentiment of others , why we need ro buy diamonds wait for days and low resources. But the main problem is im being bored playing this game i cant find something excitment playing this game.

  6. Original system was imho better. You could have finished all the donations in one row, reset CD few times if you wanted but now I have to check it everytime i go online…

  7. The previous one was muche better. It was also more fun since randomly added 1000 and 5000 points donation. Please chqnge it back!!

  8. Changes affect free players. However I am donating around the click points arent enough to buy from alliance store anymore. Please dont just think of earning money out of this game. Let us enjoy!
    Thank you

  9. Оранжевого героя получить практически нет шанса. Большой минус.

  10. It seems that you people are getting greedier and greedier by causing us to spend more money every time we need anything!!!

  11. The amount of diamonds and alliance points required to buy stuff is ridiculous. It is double or more of every other empire builder type game. Also the march speedup cost is insanity. 600 diamonds to speed 25%??? Really?

  12. Ridículo este novo método de doação, se continuar assim, as pessoas vão começar e desistir, alianças inteiras estão migrando para outro jogo, pensem bem, consultem os jogadores antes de fazer mudanças.

  13. 😎Здраствуйте,Создатели!Этой унекальной,”ИГРЫ”
    😐У меня квам просьба, не только я, так думаю, многие.
    😐Как зделать её, ещё превликательной, и боле интиресной!
    😐Почему – бы,”ВАМ”не,Прыслушаця к нашему совету, и,(ИЗМЕНИТЬ).

  14. Why didn’t you just leave it the way it was before? Continually messing up the game with ridiculous tweaks. “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” Unbelievable.

  15. Is anyone going to reply to me about state immigration? I’ve asked support several time. .. .No reply

  16. Is anyone going to respond about state immigration? I’ve asked support several times and no response.

  17. mesmo com atualização. eu nao consigo fazer nenhuma doação. somente com diamantes. Bom já faz 24 horas que nao consigo fazer doações. com recursos.

  18. Starting to get very bored with this game, really seams like to get ahead you need to pay, plus you can’t play battles, which I have always found to be very dissappointid and boring. This system of donating is just a way to get people to pay money, blah.

  19. Terrible idea I may stop playing the game because of this wish they would bring it back to way it was or some other better system as it is I will give it s chance but so far I’m not to confident

  20. Think there is a bug in tech donation it will say need to wait CD to donate more. Or pay 1 diamond to reset CD. But when you click the diamond it will say error occured and try again later. Or leave us a feedback

  21. Ребята, игра супер, но нужно изменить расход ресурсов на поддержание войск: у меня база 18 уровень, войск 600к юнитов, расход на содержание войск 250к еды и топлива, добыча 60к. Как при таком соотношении можно накопить ресурсы на какие-то исследования? Введите какое-то исследования чтобы выровнять добычу и содержание войск хотя бы в ноль.

  22. To get the weekly bonus I have to spend more than 100.000 points, but this is impossible with this new system 🙁

  23. O jogo deveria ter o modo demolição das construções indesejáveis se podemos construir por que não demolir

  24. The original donation system was better and you could get more technology points from it. Up the amount of points you get per donation

  25. Llevo dos semanas quedándome primero en las donaciones, y no estoy recibiendo la recompensa por ser el primero en donaciones a la alianza, que ocurre?

  26. When “efficient” reads: “one tenth what you earned in points before the changes”…

  27. Terrible new system. Definitely lost all the diamond I used to use to reset the timer!!!… Bring back the old system!!!

  28. I need help with apc’s some time I can only use two and my third is there but can’t be used.

  29. I have been asking my alliance how to donate but I’m not getting. Any answers I’m new and would like contribute please help

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