[News] Doomsday Conquest Season Two Part 1

Doomsday conquest season two is a new start for the wasteland.

New heroes from all over the world will lead a very different kind of trend.

Lets take a look at what we got!

*Knight: Jane

Able to carry a big sworld with her at all times, she is a mean one.

Through combat she have more and more experience in the battlefield.

With defense ability of the fighters, you will be able to maximize your combat power.

*The Executioner: Eudora

Fire is a buiiful but yet dangerous element, and Eudora is fire’s representative.

First, let the enemy be in a flammable status, and then ignite. burn~~~This is what Eudora is best at.

By the way, the high attack of the shooter can make the fire burn stronger and the enemy dies faster.

*Captain Ivanov

Excellent officers who are good at driving war vehicles, have unique vehicle command techniques

In the past, the vehicle swam in the waste soil with fast speed and good HP

Now with the excellent ability of Ivanov, it is even more powerful.

Almost unstoppable!

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