Guide – Doomsday Conquest Effective Gameplay

Better to get the high-level territory fast, the faster you get the territories the better the advantage .

However, the healing speed of wounded soldiers is limited. How to use a small number of troops to occupy the land is the key!

*Check the territory level

Higher the territory level, stronger the Infection Intensity.

Pay attention to the immunity, that can calculate the number of wounded troops.


*Configure Marching Force

Occupying territories only requires a limited amount of troops, sending more troops

won’t make any difference, there will be just more wounded troops

Condition one Marching Force 100k wound ratio 20% successfully occupied the territory, 20k wounded soldiers.

Condition two Marching Force 80k wound ratio 20% successfully occupied the territory, 16k wounded soldiers.


A fixed amount of units will be lost each turn until the end of the battle, If left out of hand, the loss will be great.


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