Doomsday Guide – Bind IM30 Account


Saving the world is high risk, build the base is hard work. Hard work requires protection

Q: What benefit do I get from binding the account?

A:Without binding the game progress with be save on your phone when App is deleted game progress will be lost.

Q: Why do I have to bind with IM30 if I can bind to facebook or google?

A: IM30 account is Last Shelter official account, data is connected to the server if there is any problem it is easier to fix, maximize the protection of survivors’ rights.


Real case example:

Time:once upon a time

The reason:Facebook server shutdown

Result: Survivor who was bound with Facebook can’t log in to the game

Affected survivors: Survivors who bound there account with Facebook only


Unaffected survivors: Survivors who bound with IM30





From this point of view, binding IM30 account is the best choice!

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