Guide – Strategic Building!

As the base develops, more areas have a breakthrough. Strategic buildings will target specific areas and enhance soldiers and base.

It works soon as it’s build!

Enhance soldiers might and resistance

The war room can increase the might and resistance of fighter, shooter and vehicle.

⚠Only soldiers in the formation can receive the command from the war room!


Enhance soldier’s speed

Special training center can enhance the combat Speed of fighter and shooter.

Enhancement Center can enhance the combat speed of vehicle.

⚠Combat speed affect troops attack order.


Marching Control & Soldier damage reduction

Combat Readiness room can increase the marching speed of APC when sieging.

Combat Readiness room can increase the marching speed of APC during siege.

Communication interference tower Reduce the marching speed of enemy”s APC during siege.

The garrison hall decrease the tactical damage taken by soldiers.


New terminology interpretation – tactical damage

Tactical damage is a type of hero’s skill damage. Most hero’s damage skills currently belong to this type.

In addition besides the garrison hall, the above-mentioned buildings require chips to complete the building. Survivors have to build a chip factory that can produce chips.

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