[News]Doomsday technology New APC PARTS

Technology is getting advance daily in the Doomsday world.

Survivors have extracted more pure energy to fuse the energy core. Using the Energy Core to craft the first high-tech parts of the APC – the Trailblazer set.

[Energy core]

The main material to craft APC parts.

Survivors are now refining a small amount Energy core through the Energy Refining Plant and are also looking for other ways to obtaining it.

[Trailblazer parts]

Good news for the gatherers!

Survivors have developed 6 new parts to enhance the APC.

WZ-6 type engine, Fuel-saving chip, Indep. Trailing-arm Suspension, OTR Explosion-proof tire, Grizzly Bear I Light armor, Alloy Mechanical Arm.

Each part is divided into 6 qualities, and the quality is divided into white

Higher the quality the better the gathering income.

[Set bonus effect]

Even better research result!

The craft parts can be combined in to set to get even better bonus!

4 piece set: Gathering give bonus resources.

6-piece set:100% gathered resources retain when under attack during gathering.

One step at a time! In the future, when the research and technology are more mature, more new parts will be available! Give the APC a stronger, more personalized attribute bonus

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