[News] Doomsday hero season two part 2

Continue on the last news.

This time will continue to report the new hero of the second season!

*Viscount: Nigel

The fighters usually have a heavy responsibility, and they take a lot of damage for the formation. and Nigel is good at that.

The ability to reduce the damage allows Nigel to lead the fighters to stay on the front line.

Even more shocking is that the additional ignite state attack can increase the damage of teammates and effectively fight against opponents.

*The Inquisitor: Jorge

The shooter is a symbol of death, Death is coming when you see one.

Jorge has an advantage at the beginning of the battle, teammates can cause a large number of damage in three rounds.

The control effect is to block the opponent’s attack skill and minimize the damage.

*The Panther: Andre

Lighting war has always been a feature of vehicles, but the fast finish isn’t.

Andre’s appearance made the name for quick in and quick out battle for vehicles.

The battle is in a state of full power at the beginning. If you meet them, unfortunately, remember to protect yourself.

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