News – Doomsday Conquest New Task!

As time goes by, Alliances have formed all over wasteland corner.

All the hard work that is put in S2 will finally be rewarded, [Doomsday conquest] limited time quest has launched!

Limited time [Doomsday conquest] quest:

By completing the related quests, you can get great rewards, including [honor points] and [Specialty Reset] that were not available in S2.

[Honor points] are like Specialty experience points that will help you level up specialty
[Specialty Reset] is used to reset the specialty points.


Territory cap will be increase with [Expand Plan] witch is obtain from quests, There is also a [Regeneration Serum] that is most needed for healing wounded soldiers at the Virus Research Facility.

[Expand Plan] will increase one territory cap for this season.

[Regeneration] Serum can decrease the healing time of wounded soldier by 5 Min.

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